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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> it's a great way to be able to have fun and give back and walk away with a great feeling. for more opportunities we have volunteering every single day of the week. get in touch with the parks and recreation center so come commissioner ho. item two approval of minutes for the august 2nd meeting >> so moved. second arrest all in favor, say i. opposed. minutes are approved >> public comment on cliff session. >> any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. executive session >> is there a motion to move into executive session.
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all in favor, say i. we'll move into executive session >> the wor negotiators. >> do i have a motion to reconvene? second. and to not disclosure >> anything discuss in closed session. >> all in favor, say i. opposed. we're reconvened >> pledge of allegiance. of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all >> all right. please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair
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may order the removal from the meeting room meeting room responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. please be advised that a member of the public has up to 3 minutes to make comments on each agenda item underlines a shorter period is adapted and item 8 public comment on items not on the agenda >> any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed >> item 9 executive director's report. >> good afternoon, commissioners members of the public port staff thank you for joining us i have quite a few a few things to cover some great news and some sad this coming saturday september 13th there's a unique exhibit coming to the waterfront it's called a failing exhibition and trans media art
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installation supported by the chinese whispers or percent it's something that will retrace the chinese shrimp fishing industry through a special sailing on a vessel called the grace go quantum the 19th century shrimp junk even though in a trans media art at the san francisco maritime combustion it will sail done the waterfront and arrive at the park from 2:30 to 3:30 and as part of the the time there will be a discussion on the neighborhoods history by andrew choelg and also long term james will share their memories of the former slimming community at hunters point a change to get
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history so again, this saturday september 13th at harrington head park 2:30 chinese wisconsin percent are the following saturday september 20th is coastal clean up day it's held on the 3rd saturday of september this year it's september 20th the event will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon around the state but there are 7 identified areas on the waterfront the bay waterfront side of thecy and there will be volunteer site captains that be direct the volunteers and the port staff and the staff will be coordinating with dpw as well as the 7 sites are the aift at that site and the captain is the san francisco port and the wart
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coffee. harrington park. pier 94 pet lands the site captains the autobond society and the site captain will be kayaks unlimited and the promenade the site captain the schools of the skakd heart and the mission bay front park the captain will be the sea savage gesture hotel its people that care about our waffling waterfront and support it we hope to see a lot of volunteers at the 7 locations there's a few more locations on the waterfront than normal we should have a great outpouring so we're looking forward to that as part of social clean up day another aquarium by the bay is presenting a tell him called plastic planet the plastic and man or woman debris on the health of our ocean that ought
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to be interesting to if found the timing the website the aquarium of the bay next, i want to remind everyone we'll be holding our off site meeting two weeks under today, the southeast on 100 oakdale avenue please arrive early because of the parking and we look forward to a great turnout thanks to commissioner adams. on a very happy not on saturday in the wee hours the new gangway for the pier 27 terminal arrived by vessel she came in on the bbc hawaii and sailed under the golden gate bridge at pier 27 we drudged there it accounted
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imperfect this gangway is built by the s f t corporations they build passenger away for those around the world there are two or three companies that do this work they've done it for 50 years their located in sweden it's one hundred and 20 tons can go as high as 4 stories so it can serve the highest ships depending on where the popular tallest or r or the need the good news it's 88 compliant a nice upgrade you know your gangway 54 they're not ladders but look like ladders it will be disclosed it can be heated or cooled it will be part of the world plastic experience of
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coming in and out of our terminal we are indebted to the local 10 and to metro cruise four your help in unloading the vessel and preparing the gang way for installation. i don't know did the ship sail yet >> it's there until 7:00 p.m. if you get a changing chance to see a cargo ship at pier 27 it's exciting next, we took the commissions recommendation and we offered to expend the deadline for public comment on the waterfront land use program until october twoktd we proposed the end of this month there's a huge outpouring of the land use review we think it's appropriate to the november 30th timeline we'll be meeting with as many groups as possible in the next thirty days.
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>> we've been receiving a lot of interest and feedback. >> yes. a lot of feedback people are making their way through the documents we've not seen many comments there are a presentation diane and others will be making a presentation this monday night to isolate the comments our committee advisory committee and reaching out as far and wide as we, the copies of the document have been broad and we've gotten a lot of just positive comments on the right ability and the pictures people really enjoy seeing the before and after. now the sad part >> before you get it that part. >> could i also comment on the run and swim that so many port staff participated in this weekend. >> okay yesterday excuse me.
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sunday there was a giant held the giants race this runs the range of the waffling it extend if from 5 example or c it or k to a half a marathon you'll go from the giants babbling u basketball to the golden gate bridge and back as part of the giants race an sunday elaine and others were able to put together an event to celebrate jennifer maps and away's raise money for pancreatic cancer research interest was an outpouring i wish i had known in advance there was an outpouring of 3 hundred and 25 people many in the room participated today, i think you did as well in addition to the portion that were hosted by itself giant there was a 62 bike ride several
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of our folks did up and back so this was a 6 hours beaver for several of them we have marathon returns and a swim in the awe consecutive park afterwards there was a celebration with jennifer map the director of the waterfront mayor's office at the at&t park when a which was a wonderful turnout of people and from all over i think chuck recorded it i think yesterday in describing the broad community that came together not only the city staff but private industry advocacy groups people that have been touched by jennifer in some way come out to support her.
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not all of them are athletics many came out as volunteers and many people trained for the event it was a really wonderful event i know that jennifer is really touched and honored and i gather the original fundraising goal that was now a messly $10,000 she was encouraged to go hire she went to a $300,000 plus was raise informs pancreatic research at i'm sure you're aware of so thank you to elaine and many, many others who pulled this off including the gentleman here and from the h.r. c it was a real effort of love on behalf of a colleague as well as a
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desire to beat pancreatic cancer >> thank you (clapping.) so that was tough let's go on with more tough ones there's a lot of that media attendance in the recent passing of iconic folks in our world by more locally there's been important people that passed away in the last couple of weeks i want to mention 4 of them george the third passed on arguing 20th 2014 the chairman of the parish i can't group he was 79 years old and spent his time at the waffling george senior established a gas station a service station, if you will, 5 days after pooerl hark on
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december 12, 1941, set up on bay street and if you know your geography that's across the street from fort mason one of the primer areas of deploying service men primarily men and women to the pacific following pooerl hark it turns out they need a place to store their automobiles and george grew his service station into a automobile storage along came his son to the third he expanded that into what is now a very, very large transportation log eric's company that do so business here in san francisco
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bay their ships are repaired at the bae ship repair and they've been a big part of our history mr. parish i can't the third said he was doing so well, at the service the port asked to count his cargo counts because we are that struggling but it was a great pride to allow on him to get our counts up mr. parish i can't was a very, very generous man was a married many years and has many children and grandchildren he gave to all kinds of different communities and enterprises and this is a big friend of the port a how shally community member for the one hundred and 50 anniversary one this tip of the iceberg tidbit the captain that was the
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founder of the marina take was the captain of mr. parish i can't see boot for many, many years and sailed around the world and it's a big loss to our community we still have the pleasure of doing business with the parking space you can't see group where george parish i can't the fourth our condolences secondly, we also lost pacific flanagan mr. flanagan was the president of the standard fishries at the port i was a two-time president of the fisherman's wharf merchants association he was also a member of the fisherman's wharf waterfront advisory committee he was a strong advocate for rebuilding a port and a strong advocate for the build out of
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the hyde street fishing harbor he'll be missed it's legacy to the port is clear in the fishing industry i know some of his colleagues are here today, we lost perry kim who was the the pier 45 fishingy a long time gentleman with the fisherman's wharf i was a member of the golden gate bridge and has been a familiar face and waterfront for so long as i can remember and he passed away on august 16th and his legacy to the port and support of the port has meant a lot and latest unfortunately, we locals a staff person from the port near and dear to my heart david passed away september 8th he was a senior administrative active
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analyst 20 years with the city and county and you are started out a parking citation officer and transferred to the san francisco puc asia senior administrative analyst and joined the port in 2007 as a senior administrative active analyst david was known for his way to recommend solutions and he was duo dog even though it was not being his physician he needed as much information from as many sources nothing was two consuming he dug in and had a keen desire for efficiency and process among many things he's left the port better than he found it we're indebted to him
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and reilly from the loss of an amazing person he was a crazy enough person to be a swimmer with those two blue shirt gentlemen who are here to help us celebrate him. that concludes my report. and hopefully next time it will be more cheery we've lost people this month that left their marks on the waterfront >> i hope we'll adjourn our meeting in memory of those steering wheel individuals. any public comment? >> i thank you. i'm peter ross the president of the rowing club for 8 years i've here to pay my receptors important the loss of david as monique said his life is one we need to celebrate david wouldn't want anyone to
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mourn him i was remarkably positive we say it over the past two or three months he was battling cancer i've known dpaifd for 20 years he is absolutely beloved at the seat belting end for his witness and reference and intelligent the same desire to know everything about every topic and highly preponderance of evidence he was there to give pious opinion whether you wanted it or not but again back to his positive approach to life he was not down despite having cancer that debilitated him to the point he couldn't speak he received 90 e-mails from some of the members that heard about this last time and people are talking about him as soul mates and similar kind
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of vein it was incredible how much he touched everyone again, he wouldn't want to be mourned but celebrated and i think having said that, we share the losses of both individuals and his waterfront institutions and not like i'm going to turn it over to buck to add to those commissioners, any questions or comments? >> hi, i'm buck a member of the concern marine eastbound club i was sad to hear david passed away i spent the last thursday evening and his spirit were liquified with the comments from the decrease we were speed limit to meet tomorrow for diner peter said he had a wonderful mind a facility that was so
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extraordinary he went to frarns and studied french and went to the library and started reading the newspapers and was fluent in fetching a diplomatic french that some businesses need to communicate a disarming representatives and an experience that combined the blue-collar his knowledge of the shore and currents of the bay which he acquired as a young bay boy when he was finishing with his father in the bay was unparalleled where we met thirty years i got to work with him he would call me up with questions about the traffic of the dp t and this brown act when he was at the puc and the port was a baffling document for all of us
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his body was invaded by cancer he spoke his mind with the will you sit to note champion or political voltage he clauld with relently rigor against the congestion challenging me to think about my assumptions and ideas for that gift i'm therapist at the end of the day i valued his friendship and my colleagues will agree miss constancy i was lucky to spend an evening with him last week and feel blessed to have shared a friendship as we wanted me to say. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> >> thank you. >> i also wanted to speak in memory of david d c he was an
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exceptional employee a terrific analyst for our side of the house from peer 50 he know the infrastructure and acre and asset how it was recorded and in our entire fleet the real he knew about the code issues and could speak with such deep knows about so many subject i came to understand this over time what a wealth of knowledge dave had for this organization he was friendly and witty and brilliant and he also was a terrific right hand to deputy donor tom educatorer he can't be here because he's helping out a family to dave i was an incredible source of strengthen
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for tom a great partner to have after 50 who understood the numbers and the data and the group we will miss him so much and expected to have more time with him it's very sad. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm tim felt with the maintenance department just wanted to express our loss for dave we really loved him you may have heard maintenance may not get along with each other but we got along with dave truly tom carter's right hand man and kept everything moving really a great organizationer and implementer and we'll really, really miss him. >> my name is matthew davis i
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also knew dave for more than 20 years from the south marina club i'm a city employee thank you for honoring him he's probably someone that wouldn't want to be honored he had deep connections with the bay and port we swam together with many mornings and, of course, we worked for the port this is fitting even though so soon after his death to take on this so thank you. >> thank you anyone else seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thanks to vice president adams he reminded me i neglected to say one thing and also i just wanted to close the loop on david d.c. i want to acknowledging tom carterer who
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gave up his vacation time to take care of dave. you know, he would have loved to be here today and richard to dave's side yesterday afternoon this is a tremor loss and david was honored by the d d are b t and above and beyond of action he was critical to the ports response to a number of incidents like the officer the bart shooting that occurring several years ago and many other incidents he left a great legacy and will be missed. on a happier note two weeks on september 25th we'll open our brand new crews ship terminal at 12:00 noon on piers 27 everyone
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from the public is analyzed we're excited about it, it's two along in the making but we're looking forward to celebrating the work of all of the different groups that came together and the vision of the blue ribbon committee many, many years ago now september 25, '12:00 noon and the james terminal that concludes my report. >> is there any additional public comment. >> sorry. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners report. >> commissioners? do we have any - just like to put on last evenings event we honored dr. me, me silver the me, me packet will be installed you know of
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her work it was a tremendous outpouring for her, she is not somebody that likes to be honored this was one of her appearances in public after being rather ill and i think we honored me, me a true visionary to the waterfront when they relocated the street now we know we've become quite the size and there's a lot of people that want to come down and be part of the waterfront activities but that was valencia street that set that town e tone and me, me is visionary in terms of saving lives it's fitting that she has a pathway named after her because she and valencia street created pathways for people move from hopeslessness to hope i
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want to thank the colleagues for joining us and representing the port and thank renee martin who unflappable as she is managed to pickup truck together an amazing evening and christen pelosi he as others put together a video tribute there maybe a few more pieces add to the video it was put together rapidly a few slots doesn't get included. i want to thank everyone that was a wonderful evening and so many people there on behalf of the port >> that concludes my report. any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> item 10 a requests the port terrace section 8